Uninstall mackeeper mac book completely popup helper, how to

How to uninstall mackeeper mac book completely popup helper

Uninstall mackeeper mac book completely popup helper, how to

The scam is cheeky and brazen: Both the “system cleanup tool” MacKeeper, as well as the “virus scanner” Mac Mechanic are massively advertised on the Web. But after installing the programs that are serious at first glance, Mac users usually experience their blue miracle: Both tools permanently point to “serious errors” that – of course – can only be remedied with cash. Worse, MacKeeper and Mac-Mechanic are deep in the system, MacKeeper even wants access to contacts and calendars. And a simple uninstall by moving to the trash is usually not possible. In other words, both tools serve only to unsettle the Mac user – and thus you must make a checkout to repair it!!

Uninstall Mackeeper, Mac-Mechanic and other annoying tools

Especially MacKeeper is annoying because it basically claims after a scan that the “system status of your Mac is severe”. To solve these alleged problems, it is necessary to activate the software. For this purpose, the software offers a number of not particularly inexpensive activation subscriptions: From 14.95 euros per month to 118.80 euros for a 24-month subscription is the pricing structure. first, you must uninstall MacKeeper and Co.

If you have a tool like MacKeeper or Mac-Mechanic installed, uninstalling is only possible with one trick: You need to use a Mac Uninstaller that removes the Nerve programs along with all the files that are deeply scattered in the system. Ideal for this is the tool AppCleaner of FreeMacSoft.



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