iPhone speakers quiet and low volume sound too, how to fix

how to fix iPhone speakers quiet and low volume sound too

iPhone speakers quiet and low volume sound too, how to fix

In the latest iPhone Xs or the small classic iPhone SE: The control of the volume is traditionally extremely easy on Apple smartphones. Use the volume buttons to gradually adjust the ringer volume. While the iPhone is playing a media file, such as a movie or song, it controls the playback volume. This works both when using the iPhone’s own speakers as well as when using headphones or external speakers via Bluetooth and cable. So far, so easy – but what do you do if the iPhone is simply soundless? Often you can fix the volume with the right settings or a few simple steps. We’ll tell you how to solve this problem.

iPhone music too quiet

when you play your local music files via iTunes or use the streaming service Apple Music: The music app of iOS 12 is expected to be the standard in music listening to the iPhone for most music fans. Especially in combination with a headphone, it can happen that the device simply plays the music too quietly. If your favorite songs sound have not enough power despite the supposedly loud volume, you should check the settings of the music app. These can be found in the system settings of the iPhone. Open it and scroll down to the ” Music ” section. Here you open the sub-item ” Max Volume “. If the slider is not at the highest setting, slide it all the way to the right. You can also switch off the ” EU Volume Limit ” option. This overrides the artificial limit on the maximum headphone volume. Although the EU directive is designed to protect against loud music, in practice it can become a cause of the problem. If your iPhone headphones are soundless, you should disable this  option.

iPhone speakers quiet and low volume sound too, how to fix

In addition to these options, Apple Music’s equalizer could help to fix quiet music. In the settings of the music app, open the item ” EQ “. Here, Apple lists a number of different presets to tailor the sound to each music. you can for example try the option ” Loudness “, if you want stronger sound. Just test the different EQ settings with music that sounds too soft.

Do you use a music app other than Apple’s? No problem! As a rule, both streaming services and players for locally stored media have appropriate options for correcting for quiet media. Just take a look at the corresponding app settings and see if there is an equivalent feature.

iPhone speakers quiet and low volume sound too, how to fix

Many media apps (such as Spotify) offer their own settings to improve the sound.

Note that even here the source material may be responsible for a low volume. A badly coded MP3 file can be as quiet as a live concert that was not recorded optimally. In case of doubt, therefore check the corresponding material on another device can help you – such as an iPad, a Mac or a PC. If the quality does not improve, your iPhone is innocent of the low volume.

Clean iPhone speakers

Do you play music directly from the iPhone speaker or do you use hands-free calling? If so, it may be worthwhile to clean the speakers of the iPhone, if the sound have not enough power. In everyday life, dirt particles can accumulate in the small openings, which gradually worsen the sound.

The solution: Clean the speaker openings! For example, use a soft, dry cloth or cotton swab. If you see the dirt with the eye, you should still refrain from removing it with a sharp object. You have risk damaging the iPhone.

iPhone speakers quiet and low volume sound too, how to fix

Clean the speaker openings as gently as possible to avoid damage.

The newer iPhone models with IP67 or even IP68 protection class, you can clean your device a bit more radically: just hold them briefly under clear and running water to clean the speaker openings. But you should definitely do it without soap or other cleaners, as they can be a problem despite device protection.

Even poorly fitting iPhone cases or a not quite correct mounted screen protector can worsen the sound. To rule out that the low volume is not due to it, you should remove the case and display film on a trial basis.

iPhone too quiet when telephoning?

If you only understand fragments during a telephone conversation or your conversation partner talks in a whisper, then research into causes is required. Be sure to clean the pinna as shown above and set the volume to maximum during the call. It is not necessary for the bad sound! If your network reception or your call partner is currently bad, This may also affect the too weak volume of call. So if the conversations are low sound only sometimes or with certain contacts, it can also be on the net. Also, check if your other party is not using handsfree mode – a typical cause of bad sound.

If you make a call via a headset , also this can be a reason for soothed conversation partners. Check if the connection via cable or Bluetooth is not disturbed, for example by playing music. Especially with Bluetooth headsets, it may be worthwhile to try to disconnect and reconnect.You do this in the system settings under “Bluetooth”.

If all shown steps do not lead to the desired success, you may still be able to solve the volume problems by resetting the iPhone . If all else fails, there is still the way to the Apple Store or a service partner. In the worst case it can actually be caused by a hardware error and then only a repair can help.


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