iOS 12 new features and innovations – The most important

iOS 12 new features and innovations

iOS 12 new features and innovations - The most important

The new iOS 12 update for your iPhone and iPad is over 2 GB a relatively big update, but also brings many helpful and useful features. We have tested the new iOS version for you and show you the best features at a glance and iOS 12 new features and innovations.

Share photos intuitively: Sharing Suggestions

In the Photos app, the new For You feature shows you a smart selection of your photos, showing people from your contacts. So the feature automatically makes suggestions with which contacts you can share which photos. This makes sharing photos on iOS 12 even more intuitive.

iOS 12 new features and innovations - The most important

New features for Siri

Also the language assistant Siri is improved with the new update. From now on, Siri will remember how and when to use your device. This storage of your daily routine is designed to make using Siri much easier by offering you some suggestions at specific times. Furthermore, the translation function of Siri has been revised and improved. So the language assistant now has 40 language pairs available.In addition, the software has access to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) database and can provide comprehensive nutrition and health questions and It was given to you by iOS 12 new features and innovations.

Facetime with several people

If you want to have a video conversation with several people at the same time, you no longer have to fall back on Skype, because with iOS 12, FaceTime gives you the opportunity to facetimen up to 32 participants at the same time. The individual call participants are shown in video squares of different sizes. The more a conversation partner says in comparison to the other conversation partners, the larger his square is displayed. In addition, there are new filters, animated text effects and funny stickers for FaceTime.

Increase in performance

According to Apple, the new update will increase the performance of your iOS device by 40%. Especially owners of older iPhones or iPads should clearly feel this performance increase. For example, the response of the keyboard should be much faster.

Restrict screen time

Using the screen-time feature, you can manually set how much time you spend in apps and on certain websites. This allows you to block apps and web pages for a certain period of time. You’ll also receive weekly reports on how many apps are being used and how often you’re handling your device.

iOS 12 new features and innovations - The most important

Suppress notifications

With the new update, you can specify a time period or even a local space in which the request-do-not-disturb mode should be active. For example, if you have entered an important appointment in your calendar, you can now simply state that you do not want to be disturbed during this appointment. To use this feature, you must first open the Control Center . Then keep the Please-Do Not Disturb button pressed longer. Subsequently, a new menu opens. Here you can specify where and how long notifications should be suppressed and it’s a interesting item in iOS 12 new features and innovations.

iOS 12 new features and innovations - The most important


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