Incognito mode google Chrome, Firefox and Edge, turn on off

Turn on off incognito mode google Chrome, Firefox and Edge

What is the private or incognito mode really useful or not? And what’s the quickest way to start a private browser session?

The various web browsers have been using a private or incognito mode for some time. Many users still think that they are anonymous on the web.

Incognito mode google Chrome, Firefox and Edge, turn on off

That is not true. Website operators still see which web browser you are coming from and which IP address you are traveling with. Even the data stored temporarily in private mode allows users to identify themselves . Despite private mode, even your Internet service provider or even your employer can continue to track which websites you visit . And the browser manufacturers ( especially Chrome ) still track you.


But why is the private mode good?

The private or incognito mode is often jokingly referred to as the “porn mode”. And that meets the description surprisingly well. Private mode stores history data, temporary files and cookies only temporarily. Once the private session is over, this data is deleted, except for downloads and bookmarks. This basically means that only other users on your PC will not have access to the history data that occurred while using the Private Mode. You could call the function “Christmas gifts mode”. That’s the way home-dwellers do when they look at your surf history, so they do not know what gifts you’ve been looking for in which stores.

Useful for testing: Private mode has a nice advantage for anyone who is in any way responsible for a website. For example, if you are logged in to your website, you may also want to test how the site looks like when you are not logged in here and there. With the private mode, this can be done immediately. He does not remember any logins and will not access the login data of the other (non-private) tabs.


Incognito window Chrome:

In Google Chrome, Ctrl + Shift + N ( Ctrl + Shift + N ) instantly opens an incognito window. Alternatively (especially in mobile phone), you will find the entry New incognito window in the top right corner of the three-point menu. The incognito window has darker bars and tabs; In addition, a corresponding icon appears in the toolbar.

Incognito mode google Chrome, Firefox and Edge, turn on off

Private window on Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox opens a private window by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P ( Ctrl +Shift + P ). He also has the entry directly in his main or Hamburger menu with a name means New private window. Here you can see the private mode on the violet-white mask icon.

Incognito mode google Chrome, Firefox and Edge, turn on off

InPrivate window Microsoft Edge:

Of course, Edge also offers the entry New InPrivate window via the three-point menu. By the way, there is no keyboard shortcut for this purpose. You will then recognize the window on the “InPrivate” label in the top left corner.

Incognito mode google Chrome, Firefox and Edge, turn on off

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