How to send original image on whatsapp without compression

How to send original image on whatsapp without compression iphone android

The ability to send all file types as a document  on whatsapp, resulting in a great side effect: Images and videos that you attach via this option in the chat, land uncompressed and in original quality at your receiver, rather than as previously heavily pixelated to be sent.

How to send original image on whatsapp without compression

If you send pictures via WhatsApp, then the picture of the quality is usually worse than the original picture. If the question arises, why is the image quality so bad when sending photos via WhatsApp and can you adjust and improve the quality somewhere? In the current version of WhatsApp, images are automatically compressed before being sent and thus reduced in file size. Although compression saves data volumes, which is particularly useful when sending via mobile data, compression of course also suffers from the quality of the images. In this context, the question often arises as to whether the automatic compression of the images in WhatsApp can be switched off somewhere and the pictures sent uncompressed in original size?

Set WhatsApp quality

So far, there are in the settings of WhatsApp unfortunately still no adjustment with which you can adjust the quality, neither for the pictures nor for the videos. The automatic compression of images can not be disabled, at least in the current version of WhatsApp on Android and iOS. But there is a trick with which you can send the images without loss of quality, as described in the following paragraph.

Please Follow this instrction about how to send pictures on whatsapp whithout losing quality iphone android:

  1. Start WhatsApp and open the chat.
  2. Now tap the bottom of the paper clip icon and instead of selecting “Camera / Gallery”, tap on “Document”How to send original image on whatsapp without compression
  3. Select the option to “Browse other docs…”, Now you can select and send the picture or video as a document. As a result, no automatic compression takes place and the images are significantly better in terms of quality. How to send original image on whatsapp without compression

If you want to send several pictures uncompressed via WhatsApp, then it is recommended to grab the pictures beforehand as a ZIP file and then upload them to a cloud like Dropbox or Google Drive. You can share the download link to the ZIP file with pictures via WhatsApp.


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