How to find the best note taking apps service

How to find the best note taking apps service

Modern note services have nothing in common with the paper and pen. They sync content across multiple devices and also support audio and video recording. But the differences are big.

They still exist, the people who put their notes on paper in the classic way; but they seem a bit out of time. Paper may be emotional, but it is inferior to any digital solution. But before you set out on the hunt for the ideal service, you should question your needs, Because each service has some features and capabilities for specific needs.

How to find the best note taking apps service

On the other hand, synchronization via the Internet is not negotiable: if you save an idea in your smartphone, this note must arrive at the office PC almost simultaneously. Therefore, all services presented here provide their own cloud for data synchronization.


Once you start looking for your new favorite note taking software, you should first weigh up the following characteristics.

Multi platforms

Theoretically, a service only has to support the platform (s) that you use. However, if you want to synchronize the data with other people, the app must be available on additional systems. Ideally, a service works on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

Some services do not support all four platforms. Instead, they try to fill the void with a web browser solution that often lags behind a “proper” app in terms of functionality. Such a web app may be acceptable for sporadic use, but it will not satisfy in the long term.

Example: Apple’s Note Service only supports macOS and iOS. The web version is also used by Windows users.

GTD or not?

The abbreviation GTD stands for “Getting Things Done”, freely translated means “Doing Your Job”. The working method was developed by the American consultant David Allen. Today, more and more applications claim to be «GTD-capable».

It’s meams: the tasks are collected, prioritized and scheduled to “today” or “sometime”.

GTD features are a good thing, if you need them too. If you just want to collect notes, You can sacrifice the ease of use for a range of features that you do not need.

But there are also positive exceptions: the “Wunderlist” service, for example, offers many aspects of GTD, including team functions. Nevertheless, the app is also suitable for simple notes.

Word processing

A note can consist of keywords, but it can also form the basis for a comprehensive report. Therefore, some solutions offer integrated word processing. Consider whether you need sophisticated text features at all – and if so, what such word processing needs to be.

Example: Evernote offers extensive word processing. However, the export functions are limited.

Working method

In the past, a note was a collection of linear text, but on a PC or mobile, everything looks very different. When evaluating a note taking software, you should also check the way it works and the graphic design to see if it fits your needs.

Example: Trello works with “boards,” lists, and maps that are simply pushed around. This approach takes a bit of getting used to, but is also intuitive.

There are a lot of criteria. Let’s take a look at some apps that offer something for everyone.



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