How to dispose of old phones and sell to money, get rid of it

How to dispose of old phones and sell to money, get rid of it.

Simply throwing away the old cell phone is in many cases wasted money and also not the most environmentally friendly option. Often you can even sell broken cell phones: Spare parts and valuable metals in the defective devices can be recycled. How to get money for old phones (whether fully functional or defective) , we show you here.

How to dispose of old phones and sell to money, get rid of it

Sell ​​old cell phones

To sell his old mobile phone, there are already a large number of online portals. First, however, you should note the following points:

  1. Find all accessories for the phone together, what you still own. This may increase the selling price (especially for private sales).
  2. Check if the smartphone is still fully functional or if there is a defect.
  3. Cleans the device! A clean smartphone looks better on photos and is often also rated higher.
  4. If you want to sell it in a classified ad market or by auction, you should make your own photo of the device and not just use a product image of the manufacturer. A good picture showing the condition of the clean (!) Device can sometimes work wonders.
  5. And before the sale remove your own SD card, delete all private data and reset the device to factory settings .

On which platforms can you sell old cell phones?

Often associated with a little more effort, the sale of private to private but usually also offers the higher profit.

  • The classic: eBay . Here one should not forget, however, that eBay get fees for auctions and there may also be a few extra costs, because even postage costs for an already low-priced device incurred.
  • Even Amazon has become a popular source for used goods. For this you need an  , which you can easily create with your normal account. However, Amazon also takes a part of your profit, which you can determine exactly before send an article.
  • Without fees, but often only locally, it goes through various Classified Portal such as eBay classifieds , Quoka or Kalaydo.
  • Of course, you can also try the absolute “Old School” way and put a note on the bulletin board of the local supermarket or your university.

Which platforms buy old smartphones?

In addition to mobile operators, there are also companies that specialize in the purchase and resale of old cell phones and other devices. We have summarized here a selection of the known providers:

In the different providers you can see directly, which maximum price you can achieve. In general, you should not expect too much money. Apart from Apple’s iPhone, most smartphones and cell phones are rapidly losing value.

For functional devices, you often get less profit from sell to the company than the sale to private, as the company also have to earn money with the resale. On the other hand, selling on such platforms is faster and much more convenient. The companies often accept the broken devices for a little money. A good comparison of the different purchase platforms especially for mobile phones can be found at

Dispose of old cell phone: Used, broken or broken

As already mentioned, you can also put broken phones at the above-mentioned providers to make money. If you wanted to throw away the device anyway, you can at least get some money and have a good conscience that the smartphone is properly recycled. If the phone has small problem or a broken part,, the vendor may repair and resell it rather than just recycle it.

If the phone is so old that it is not even listed at the buyers, you can also send it to bellow sites.

Alternatively, it can also be delivered to the local electric collection point. In any case, an old cell phone does not belong in the trash, as it would be a waste of valuable resources – whether used and still functional or broken.

How to dispose of old phones and sell to money, get rid of it

What happens to the old phones?

Depending on whether the devices are broken or still functional, the old phones experience a different fate:

  • If the device still works, it will be cleaned, reset and finally resold. In that case you should definitely erase your data on your smartphone before selling it .
  • If the phone is broken, it is still not worthless. The device contains valuable metals and rare materials that can be reused – which in turn protects the environment.

Dispose of cell phone battery

For mobile phone batteries the same applies as for normal batteries: They are dangerous waste and must be disposed of accordingly. But you do not have to do a lot of effort. In most supermarkets and in many drug stores, there are collection boxes for all batteries. In these boxes, you can also put cell phone batteries.


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