How to connect ps4 controller to pc windows 10,7 bluetooth usb

How to connect ps4 controller to pc windows 10,7 bluetooth usb

How to connect ps4 controller to pc windows 10,7 bluetooth usb

One of the best gamepads in the current generation of consoles is the DualShock 4 controller from Sony’s PlayStation 4. The good news: Owners of a DS4 controller can use it for virtually all gamepad-compatible Windows games. The bad: Unlike Microsoft’s Xbox One gamepads, setting up the PS4 controller on the PC requires a bit more effort, at least for wireless use. But do not worry, we’ll show you how to play your favorite games with the PlayStation controller. Incidentally, this works both with the old DualShock 4 controller as well as with the revised version, which appeared in 2016 together with the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Connect PS4 controller via USB

Probably the easiest option to use the DualShock 4 controller on the PC is the use of a conventional USB cable. Not only can the DualShock 4 controller be charged via the micro USB port, but it can also be connected to the PC like any other USB device. Windows 10 recognizes the gamepad within a few seconds and you can use it. Especially in newer games or even in the big-picture interface of Steam, you can now use the PS4 controller immediately. In many cases, however, it requires an additional setup with a tool like DS4Windows – more on that below.

How to connect ps4 controller to pc windows 10,7 bluetooth usbUsing microUSB cable, you can not only charge the DualShock 4 controller, but also use it on the PC.

Incidentally, the USB connection of the DS4 controller is also a prerequisite for controlling Sony’s streaming service PSNow or streaming games from the PlayStation 4 to the Windows PC. Take advantage of one of these offers, you should definitely have a micro-USB cable at hand.

How to connect ps4 controller to pc windows 10,7 bluetooth usb

Steam also supports the PS4 controller without any additional software. However, many games expect an Xbox gamepad and therefore refuse their service.

Connect PS4 controller via Bluetooth to the PC

Even if the PC is unlike the console probably is not in a typical “sofa-to-televisions” distance: wirelessly playing is the most beautiful. If your PC supports Bluetooth version 2.1 or higher, you can wirelessly connect the PlayStation 4’s controller to the computer. Under Windows 10 open the settings and navigate to the submenu ” Devices “. Click on ” Add Bluetooth or other device ” and select ” Bluetooth ” in the pop-up menu.

How to connect ps4 controller to pc windows 10,7 bluetooth usb

You can also connect these via Bluetooth to the PC.

Now you need to put the DualShock 4 controller in pairing mode. To do this, simultaneously press the PlayStation and Share buttons and hold them down until the controller LED flashes. After a few seconds, the PC should recognize the gamepad and display it as a wireless controller. Click on it to establish the Bluetooth connection. If Windows asks for a PIN, just enter “0000”. From now on, the PS4 controller automatically connects to the PC as soon as you press the PS button. As with the connection via microUSB cable, however, many games do not work immediately. The solution provides DS4Windows.

Set PS4 controller correctly with DS4Windows

Whether via cable or via Bluetooth: You will find that the use of the PS4 controller on the PC in many games is not possible or only faulty. The reason: Microsoft uses the Xinput interface on Windows to connect game controllers. Most games therefore require a Xinput-compatible Gamecotnroller, such as the Xbox One or Xbox 360 gamepads. Sony does not officially support Xinput, so the PS4 controller is not recognized by games like FIFA19. That does not matter! There are a number of programs that jump into the breach. Probably the best is the free program DS4Windows . The open source tool tricked Windows into thinking that the connected PS4 controller is really an Xbox gamepad. This works with both the wired and the Bluetooth variant. In practice, this means that you can control virtually all controller-compatible Windows games with the DualShock 4 controller.

How to connect ps4 controller to pc windows 10,7 bluetooth usb

The DS4Windows open source tool ensures that you can use the PS4 controller in virtually any PC game.

Connect the PS4 controller via Bluetooth or cable to the PC. If you’re still working on Windows 7, you’ll also need to install the driver for the Xbox 360 gamepads. You can download it directly from Microsoft: . Under Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, the corresponding drivers already exist. Once the connection is complete and the necessary drivers are present, start DS4Windows. The program should now recognize the connected PS4 controller immediately. On the ” Controller ” tab you can see under ” ID ” if the controller is connected. Under ” Profiles ” you can adjust the key assignment if required.

In general, this is not necessary: ​​DS4Windows transmits the keys of the DualShock-4 controller practically one-to-one on the Xbox counterpart. That is, the “square” button corresponds to “X” on the Xbox gamepad, “circle” becomes “B” and so on. The two joysticks and the directional pad are ready to use. So, when you start a game, you can play with the DS4 controller without any restrictions. However, you have to live with the fact that in menus or game tutorials the key assignment of the Xbox is displayed – logically, most PC games are tailored to the Microsoft control.Experience has shown that one gets used to this fact quite quickly.

How to connect ps4 controller to pc windows 10,7 bluetooth usb

Most games (such as FIFA 19) are based on the controller setting on the input devices of the Xbox.

Note that DS4Windows must continue to run in the background in order to properly use the PS4 gamepad. If you play a lot, you can use “Settings – Run at Startup” to ensure that DS4Windows starts with Windows. The tool offers a few more interesting options. This allows you to specify on the profile page under “Touchpad” whether the touchpad of the DualShock 4 controller is to be used for mouse control or as an additional control option in games. Under “Lightbar” you can set the color in which the PS4 controller should light up. This is especially useful when connecting multiple gamepads – DS4Windows supports up to four controllers for neat multiplayer sessions.

How to connect ps4 controller to pc windows 10,7 bluetooth usb

How to connect ps4 controller to pc windows 10,7 bluetooth usb

If you want, you can also assign keyboard buttons and even macros to the buttons on the PS4 controller.


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