Computer doesn’t recognize phone android windows 10 usb fix

How to fix Computer doesn’t recognize phone android windows 10 usb

Computer doesn't recognize phone android windows 10 usb fix

You want to push a large music collection on your Android phone or transfer the photo and video collection from vacation to PC. But when connecting the smartphone happens … nothing at all. windows explorer only shows error messages. But do not worry: in most cases, this is only a minor problem if Windows 10 doesn’t recognize the Android phone. With the right approach, you can make sure you get the problems under control quickly and easily.

Exclude hardware errors

First, you should determine if everything is ok with the hardware you are using. The first troublemaker can be the used USB cable . Some cables only allow the battery to be charged, but not the data transfer to the PC. So try another USB cable if possible. Even changing the USB port on the PC can be a solution for data errors. At last, the good restart can be a solution, at best from mobile phone and PC. If it still does not work, try connecting your smartphone to another PC . If there is no sound here, there is the possibility that this is a hardware defect. In this case, only a repair or replacement can help, it’s useful for investigate How to fix Computer doesn’t recognize phone android windows 10 via usb topic.

Select correct mode

Little known, but often is a source of error: Android knows the USB connection to the PC different transmission modes. Until Android 5 enabled in smartphones the “Media Transfer Protocol”, short MTP by default when connected to a computer. As the name suggests, this ensures that data can be exchanged between PC and smartphone. With the change to Android 6, the Android developers changed this default setting. When connecting a mobile phone to the PC for the first time via USB cable, only the battery will be charged (android usb not detected but charging) . There is a simple reason for this, namely the security of your data. In the old standard setting, data thieves could even view and copy the files stored on the smartphone, even if the device is locked. Now you have to activate the data transfer manually , which works only in the unlocked state.

Computer doesn't recognize phone android windows 10 usb fix

That your Android smartphone does not immediately appear on Windows 10 is a security feature.

To be able to transfer files to and from the smartphone via the Windows Explorer, first connect the smartphone with a USB cable. Now unlock the screen and drag down the notification area of ​​Android. Here you should see the message ” Usb charging this device – tap for more options “. Tap to open the advanced options. Activate the option ” Transfer files ” here. Windows should now display the smartphone memory properly in Explorer again.

Computer doesn't recognize phone android windows 10 usb fix

With the right settings, your PC should transfer to the Android phone.

Are you mainly concerned with the transfer of photos and videos from the smartphone to the computer? Then you can alternatively try the mode ” Transfer photos (PTP) “. Here, the smartphone logs as a media device on the PC, comparable to a digital camera. When you turn on the function, you can import the images using the appropriate photo tools. This works, for example, with the photo app of Windows 10 or special programs such as Adobe Lightroom . However, the rest of the data on the Android smartphone, such as PDF files or MP3 songs, will not be accessible to you in this mode. this modes used to solve my phone wont connect to my computer through usb problem

Computer doesn't recognize phone android windows 10 usb fix

Use the Transfer Photos option to import your smartphone photos to your PC.

Install Android driver

Normally, it does not need a driver for the use of an Android smartphone on the PC. Under certain circumstances, it may be worthwhile to search for a corresponding driver for Android smartphones. This applies, for example, to older devices. Often, manufacturers bundle the appropriate USB drivers with tools that you can use to manage the smartphone on Windows. Examples include the Huawei HiSuite or Samsung Smart Switch. Alternatively, Google offers universal device drivers for Android. Although they are a bit older, they may help resolve the connectivity issues. They can be found at this link (for e.g windows 10 mtp driver ) :

After downloading, unpack the Android drivers and then install them via Device Manager. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Device Manager of Windows . Press the keys [Windows] + [R] and enter the command ” devmgmt.msc “.
  2. Look for your Android smartphone in the list of devices. If necessary, you will find it in the section ” Portable devices “. Alternatively, it can also appear as an unknown device in other devices section, which you can recognize by a yellow call sign.
  3. Right-click on the device and select the Update Driver command.
  4. Then click on ” Search for driver software on the computer “.
  5. Enter the folder in which you have just downloaded the driver. Alternatively, click Browse and navigate to the appropriate folder. Click ” Next “.
  6. In the next step, you finally select a suitable driver. Windows only displays the compatible drivers.

Once the process is complete, retry the connection attempt. You may need to restart the PC after installing the current driver.

Computer doesn't recognize phone android windows 10 usb fix

Installing a new driver can help resolve Android connectivity issues.

Disable USB debugging

A rather exotic source of problems with data transfer between Android smartphones and a PC is USB debugging. This is a special mode in which the smartphone can be addressed via various developer tools. This is especially interesting for developers and users of customized ROM versions, but it can also lead to problems. If you have enabled USB debugging on your smartphone, try switching it off again. To do this, open the Android settings and navigate to the System submenu, then tap on developer settings.  In the Android Developer Settings, turn off USB Debugging . Then you should check if the connection between PC and smartphone is working properly again.

Computer doesn't recognize phone android windows 10 usb fix

USB debugging is interesting for developers, but may interfere with normal smartphone usage.


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